Friday, December 8, 2006

Sunrise in Big Sur, December 8

The way the children would wake me in the middle of the night, the window behind the four poster bed in the guesthouse, taps me on the shoulder if there's going to be a sunrise I wouldn't want to miss. Trust me, I am not an early riser. But today at 6:30, the light was like a bugle. I got the camera and had to run to the ridge from where I wanted to view it. Trust me, I'm not a runner either. But look what I saw!

The first winter storm came on shore today. Before it began to rain, I drove to this spot that has coastal access and hiked to within one foot of the edge of the continent. From there I could peer below me as the waves churned and hit the stone bluff, coughing up houses of foam.

All day it has been raining and windy. The studio almost vibrates with weather. It makes strange noises which startle me, one sounding like a pot just fell on the roof.

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